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Stuff that I'm sick of.


Stuff that I'm sick of.

Going to go ahead and apologize for the..liberal..use of foul language in this post. Sorry.


Now that that's over with..here's some shit that I'm 110% sick of seeing, and why.


  1. Ponies. I can answer "Which pony is best pony?". None of them. This stupid fucking fad has gone on quite long enough, I'd like my internet back please and thank you. I can understand that there are some life lessons to be learned somewhere deep in the bowels of MLP, and people get attached to characters. But the same can be said about Barney and Dora the Explorer. Who watches that? Oh right, four-year-olds. Grow the fuck up.
  2. Games and movies in series more than 2 installments long. Lookin' at you, Call of Duty. Gran Theft Auto. Halo. Twilight. SAW/Generic Horror Flicks. Sports games (Madden, FIFA, etc). Fuck, even Mario and his companions. It's cool and all that developers and producers have their claws in the market and want to milk their success dry. I don't blame them one bit for it, as I'm sure the heads of these companies are rolling in dough and I am indeed jelly of their status. What bothers me about it is that smaller, more creative projects get shoved under the rug in the process, and I'm tired of it. What can be done? Who knows. Why I blog about it instead of making an ass of myself by acting like I have a solution for everything.
  3. Generic intolerance. I'm fucking sick and tired of people persecuting one another over stupid shit. This covers religion, sexual preference, politics, you name it. What ever happened to live and let live? The general populous would be 90% more agreeable if we would just give fewer fucks and focus on the things that truly matter.
  4. Hashtags on Facebook. It's bad enough that social media outlets are driving the lifestyles of the young generation. But let's at least keep them from leaking into one another. An organized mess is still a mess.
  5. Announcements about Final Fantasy XIV that don't include BETA P3 STARTING DATES, RELEASE DATES, COLLECTORS EDITION INFO, ANYTHING FOR CHRIST'S SAKEawlkeibyaoseirbat




  • D Wade
    D Wade 19/05/2013 20:30



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