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Western Vs. Japanese RPGs


Western Vs. Japanese RPGs

Final Fantasy
Dragon Warrior/Quest
Star Ocean

The four titles listed above are well known, and for the most part, they are well loved and carry a huge following.

What else are they?

Well, they are all J-Rpg's.

"J-RPG" and Complaints.

In the past few years, it has come to my attention that a large number of people are growing tired of "J-Rpg's"...which itself seems to have become an almost derogatory term for Role Playing Games in general. Why? Lets list some of the complaints.

"I am tired of big hair, and bigger weapons!": I really have nothing to say about this...

"Have some self respect, emo kid!": Yeah, Final Fantasy, I am looking at you. A trend I have noticed is that more and more J-RPG main characters have some huge emotional flaw that makes me want to strangle them. Being emotional or sensitive is one thing...Blowing a gasket over a crushed flower petal is just stupid.

"Swords, swords, swords! Always swords!": This complaint...just seems baseless to me. RPGs of today derived from pen and paper RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, which were typically fantasy oriented games with knights, elves, orcs and the like....this includes medieval weaponry such as bows, axes, and of course...swords! RPGs are just sticking to their roots when they include swords.

While I admit, I would love to see the main character use something other than a sword, having swords in RPGs isn't really a concern of mine.

"Save the cheerleader...er...the princess, save the world.": A basic goal, a noble goal....saving a girl with the hopes of getting laid! Well get a grip, playboy, that's not happening any time soon. You go looking for the woman, for that one purpose to find that she is, of course, in another castle...well, anybody worth their salt will keep looking!....Right?...

In any case, this is a video game cliche, just like saving the world, and it will go nowhere, anytime soon.

"Been a few months, drop another.": This, I have to admit seems to have some merit to it. Some titles I have noticed, hit shelves and just seem...broken and unfinished. This is because of the RPG machine. It cranks out game, after game, and because of a big name, it sells well. Kingdom Hearts is a good example of this. The first one was amazing, then the second released and was good, but then there are all the hand held Kingdom Hearts games that just breaks my...Kingdom heart of hearts.

"They are all the same!": I don't really see them as all the same, as much as I see them as similar...that being said, I still love them, and still buy them every time.....Now excuse me while I go play "SAVE THE WORLD....again", one more time.

These are just a few of the complaints I have seen...though I embellished a bit on them - They are indeed, real complaints.

Western RPGs

Western RPGs are becoming a little more prevalent in this age of gaming...but they are stil scarce at best...and I think it should stay that way, to an extent.

Now hear me out. I love Western RPGs. I am a big fan of the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age, for example....even though Dragon age 2 was horrid in comparison to the first, in my opinion. They are good, fun games, something different from the other RPGs around.

If they start cranking out tons of Western RPGs, they will go the way of the J-RPGs. Get cranked out, generic and bland, because the designers no longer have to be creative or inventive...fun.


Neither. Neither is better. They both offer something that some of us love, and we should all respect and enjoy that about them.


Why complain?

Too much of a good thing can be bad. J-Rpgs are not bad...they are just plentiful and some of us, as gamers are losing our taste for them. Try having your favorite meal every day for three years, or even ten...you will get sick of it, and no longer want it.

I am for equal opportunities between W/J RPGs!


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