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Wireless controllers and chargers.


Wireless controllers and chargers.

 December 25, 1991 - I get the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and quickly deem it the "best thing ever!" in a exuberant proclamation that can only be delivered by one of the tender age of three years.

I played that system day in, and day out until the next released Nintendo system - The N64...which I played a little less...the SNES was still the prime system in my eyes.

By the end of the N64's life, I was growing tired of being pinned to one general seat or area around that seat while I played - As I move around quite alot when I am playing a game (now) I wanted to then, aswell. I thought - "Man...I wish I could move around while I play" Imagine my delight when I learned of Wireless controllers....that delight I felt, soon died out once I was able to have a wireless controller.

My first wireless controller was the "Wavebird" for the Nintendo Gamecube...yeah, I know. PS1 was out, and I missed out ( Forgive me, I was a Ninty die-hard at the time. :P )

Wavebird for Nintendo, Madkatz and others for everything else. It was great! A few batteries here and there to play for a few days with breaks, or mere hours through a gaming binge.

Buy a small pack, or a pack of forty to last you awhile...that's all well and good for the normal gamer...but what about the ones with...lets say...a bigger appetite for games? Ones that own all systems, and various components that also need batteries? Well then that no longer cuts it, especially not now.

Chargers for wireless controllers have come into play now. Lets start with the Wii first.

I have seen the same design with a few visual differences by several companies...but the basic setup is a stand with two ports for two controllers. It comes with two special backings and two sets of rechargeable batteries packed in aswell.

The batteries fresh out of the pack last a fairly decent time....but that's it. I can't get those batteries to recharge for anything in the world...so I am back to working with batteries I go out to buy every so often (which isn't two often due to the lack of me touching the Wii)

Wii controller charger? Don't waste your money. $20-$30 for something that doesn't even begin to do what it is meant to do is such a waste.

Xbox 360 - I haven't bought the one charger I have seen for it...so I can give no insight into it. However, the batteries costing a fortune is still the main deal here. ( If you have experience with the 360 controller charger, give your insight, and it will be inserted in this section with notation that it came from you. )

PS3 - Talk about wireless done right. When I first got my PS3, I was overjoyed that the controller itself has it's own battery, that is charged by a wire. It gets a quick charge, and holds (for me) for weeks before needing a new charge....which is good to me, being is I play it at every free moment....even now, as I type this.

It is 2012 and the wireless controller still isn't done to the best that it could be. However, that is not to say that wireless controllers are all bad. They are great, and such a need for group gaming sessions where a group of four can't all fit in front of one tv set and be comfortable with their controllers in hand.

They can make wallet sized, flexible, WIRELESS tv's to go with you everywhere, but they can't make a simple, but effective charger for controllers....Seriously?


  • D Wade
    D Wade 04/07/2012 08:03

    From my limited experience, the rechargeable battery packs that you can buy for the 360 work fairly well. They recharge via USB that you plug directly into the system when you aren't playing (or maybe even when you are, i dunno) and the charge lasts a solid 12-24 hours. This is just from what I've seen of a friend's 360 playing FFXI.

  • D Wade
    D Wade 04/07/2012 08:03

    Also weren't PS1 controllers wired? Just a thought. :p


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