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Anthony reviews: The Last of Us

link this post written on 20/06/2013
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  • Naughty dog does it again. They have proven to me once more that they are to be taken seriously as a developer. They have shown me that they are fully capable of delivering a heart wrenching narrative within a pulse pounding and nerve wrecking gameplay.
  • The Last of Us wastes no time getting into the thick of things, giving the player a gut check that sticks with them the rest of the game, in the first fifteen minutes of game time. 
  • The characters are easily one of my favorite parts of the entire package. Their animation, writing and voice acting is spot on, near perfection. The characters, their reactions and interactions are amazingly detailed in their execution, and really believable. I found myself growing attached to characters quickly and becoming engrossed in their lives.  I came to be genuinely concerned for characters and their safety.
  • The world is a wonderfully realized and detailed version of an infection related ruination of the world of mankind. Grass, trees and wildlife return to city streets, once mans domain. The local winllife was not alone, as they had new neighbors. 
  • Runners, or stalkers. Infected that are concious of you and can see you. Acting and reacting to your every move in an attempt to pin you down and feed on your flesh. A little more daunting is the more hefty bloater. Fully consumed in plant growth and armored...slow and strong. Then the Clickers. The clickers had me nervous with every encounter I found myself dealing with them. One clicker is bad enough on it's on, but rooms and floors of them was a nightmare that I feared, and an ever present threat.
  • What could be worse than Stalkers, Bloaters and Clickers? People.
  • The underestimated true monster of the apocalypse.  Mankind. Survivors. People, unlike the infected have their senses about them. They have the chance and the mindset to weigh options, consequences. People more often than the infected were far more unpredictable, brutal and downright evil, whereas the infected were just...being little more than wild creatures.
  • By the end of the game, I found myself emotionally and mentally exhausted. The Last of Us was a beautiful, dark journey. Emotions ran the gambit, touching on every feeling you can imagine. Joy, dread and downright rage.
  • Story: Great story with fantasic pacing. 
  • Gameplay: Strategic gameplay with a real balance between stealth and combat.
  • Sound design: The sounds in the game made the world really seem alive. From wildlife and people to the infected.
  • Everything was wonderful.
  • Voice Acting: Spot on voice acting. 
  • Visuals: The game looks amazing and is really something to be witnessed as it is beyond description for me personally.
  • Overall: The Last of Us is easily my favorite game in recent memory and a definite contender for Game of the Year. 
  •                                                                             10/10: Perfect
edited on 20/06/2013 by D Wade
link this post written on 20/06/2013
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Good review. Looking forward to playing it ASAP.


Edit: Fixed some typos for ya.

link this post written on 21/06/2013
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Just picked it up, looks amazing. Cant wait to dig my teeth into it.
link this post written on 21/06/2013
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You are definitely in for a treat. I can't wait to see your thoughts on it.
link this post written on 05/07/2013
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Gaaahhhddd I wanna play it so badly D:
link this post written on 05/07/2013
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You should really grab it asap. I NEED PEOPLE TO TALK WITH ABOUT IT, DAMNIT! D:
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