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==Important== Community Announcement ==Important==


==Important== Community Announcement ==Important==

Hi everyone!


Big things have been brewing in our brains here at NotYetRated.

To start, we want to thank you all for signing up and participating in our discussions and such. It really means a lot for us to have recieved the amount of response that we have thus far, and we can only hope for that to continue (and grow!). Thank you, seriously, from the bottom of our hearts.

We absorbed all the members' feedback about this site, positive and negative, and weighed our options VERY carefully over the past few months. Some users submitted bug reports and glitches, some made more informal requests about things such as optional features and range of customization.

On the development end, we have been experiencing a mountain of troubles. Here is a breakdown of some of the things that you (probably) did not know about:


This site's security options are absolutely minimal. Not to worry; your information is secure enough. But as administrators, we have very few options when it comes to things like member and content management. If this site were to get popular and start getting random hits, as we hope for in the future (to an extent), we would not be able to effectively filter out the good from the bad. 

The site would potentially be overrun by god-knows-what.

Host incompatibility. If you didn't know this already, our host is located right in the middle of the luxurious tropical paradise of Germany. Thousands upon thousands of miles away from the closest member. Ping time from the sever would eventually crawl to a stop with an increase in size and forum activity. That would take quite some time though, and is not our main concern. Along the same vein: The time zone display is..well..on Germany time. Normally not a problem..unless you can't change your display. We can't. 

The host has been far from hospitable. There is absolutely NO English support for Mixxt's forum holders. Meaning if we were to encounter something that Anthony and I (and eventually other moderators) could not handle; we were screwed. No email support. No phone support. Not even a Christmas card.

From a developer's perspective, customization is sub-optimal. As a few members noticed some things and made some requests, it came to our attention that we are severely limited in what we can actually change. At least without having to scrap the entire site.

Which brings me to my next point; We've discovered something amazing.


Now..the meat of the article!


That's right folks..pack your bags, we're moving to London!


Disclaimer: We have nothing personal against Germany or its people.

But I digress.

Why should I move? Thought you might ask that.

Anthony and I have been working diligently to improve your forum-browsing, image-posting, profile-customizing, video-game-loving, community-growing experience. Our progress came to a screeching hault on Mixxt.

So we discovered a possibility for a new home. After a couple weeks of tweaking and designing, creating, renovating, imagining, and most importantly learning, our new project is ready to be trampled with traffic.


Improvements over Mixxt:

Users now have more profile customization than ever before!

All the neat gadgets are still there. Chat boxes, Twitch feed sharing, polls, blogs, FAQs, groups, image galleries; it's all there and THERE'S MORE TO BE FOUND.

Posting in the new forum is exponentially easier and more refined than here on Mixxt. Members are able to embed YouTube videos and images. No more random links to worry about!

It's pretty! I think so, anyway. Maybe I'm biased. But all that doesn't matter, because it's EASY TO CHANGE. We are MUCH more able to tailer the new site to user preferences, given the proper feedback.

We're mobile! We have learned via user feedback that Mixxt's interface is not very mobile-friendly at all. That has been improved drastically; You are now more able to keep up with us from your smartphones and such!

The security is SUPER MEGA AMPED. Admins and moderators have much more ability (not necessarily power) on the new board. Members, member information, and content are all much safer. We can add protecting you and yours to our duties and fulfill that duty to its fullest.

Best of all, the new site does all that while maintaining functionality as a home for gamers like us. It is our hope that you all will accept this improvement with open arms. As a by-product, we hope that an overall improvement to our home will improve member participation. 



If you made it this far in the article, I thank you. Truly.

Please hop on over to our new location at notyetrated.forumotion.com ! Bookmark it, it's what our efforts will be focused on from this point on. Sign up and start the next phase of developing the gaming community you've always wanted.



Also feel absolutely free to bring over (copy and paste if you want; it's your material!) to the new site any forum topics that you may have created here, and we will continue the discussion in our new home!

Created by D Wade on 12/07/2013 06:01
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